Support and Help Gus the Mastiff!


Lovable Gus Left for Dead

There is a fundraiser for Gus the Mastiff at Forestville Fall Fest this Sunday, October 2, 2016.  Fifth and sixth-grade students will hold this fundraiser for this big fellow.  It will be from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  The girls will sell baked goods and popcorn, with proceeds going to help Gus, who was found close to death in a ditch in the town of Charlotte. Gus’s story ran in the Dunkirk OBSERVER paper, Sunday, September 25, 2016. 


Save the date for LHS’s 1st Annual Fur Ball Gala – October 22nd!

Come join us for a special night out for all of the furry friends at LHS.

October 22, 2016

7-11 p.m.

Tickets $50.00

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center

30 Lake Shore Dr. E.

Dunkirk, NY

You may purchase tickets online at:

(go to News & Events and click on event calendar)

or in person at

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center

and at the Lakeshore Humane Society

See more details of this fun filled special night by clicking here.

See below for more information about one of our exciting live auction items!

LHS Fur Ball Gala Poster



The Fur Ball Gala, October 22, 2016
Lakeshore Humane Society

Vineyard Walk with Four-Legged Friends
For dogs…..

A Vineyard Walk for Dogs and Their Human Families


  • Country vineyard walk of just under two miles at Johnson Estate with owner/dog lover, Fred Johnson
  • Infinite number of peeing posts (for four-legged participants)
  • Pond for swimming – or snow to romp in – depending on season
  • Possibly rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks to chase
  • Water and real dog bones at the end of walk for four-legged participants
  • Juice or water for two-legged participants under 21 of age
  • Water, wine, and spirits for two-legged participants over 21 of age

Bidders’ PreQualifications:

  • Participants may include children capable of walking 2 miles without whining/mewling
  • Both four-legged participants and two-legged participants must come reliably when called by “master(s)”
  • May not fight with other dogs (leashes allowed, but not necessary)
  • Play nice with other four-legged friends

Vineyard Walk Guidelines:
Four dogs and up to four families, maximum per Vineyard Walk.
Date to be mutually agreed upon by families and Fred Johnson, Owner

Cleo Needs Your Help!

Meet Cleo. This beautiful girl needs your help. Cleo was surrendered to LHS after years of being used as a breeder dog. She was crated often and never really treated as a pet or part of the family. She developed an injury to her knee because of this confinement. She has a luxating patella, which means her kneecap doesn’t stay in the proper place. She will need surgery to remain pain free and be able to run & play, like any dog should. Despite all of this Cleo has remained one of the sweetest, most loving dogs. Having this surgery will be the first step at a brand new life for this sweetheart. If you would like to donate towards her surgery, follow the Paypal link below. Please put “Cleo” in the message. We thank you so much!

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Lonely Hearts Club for Cats

Wonder what the “Lonely Hearts Club for Cats” is all about?

halfheartpictures2  We have had some orphans here for a very long time from 1-3 years patiently waiting for their new home.  Why are they not given a second glance?  Most of them are shy and need to come out of their shell.  They are not your typical lap cat.  But with an experienced cat person, willing to give the love, time, and patience these cats need and crave, they can turn out to be the most loving cats when given a chance.   Is that person you?  Can you open up your heart to one of our cats in the Lonely Hearts Club?  Please look at the pictures of these cats – their longing eyes for someone to help them show their wonderful personalities!  We have some that have become friends so adopting both of them together will help each one feel more secure in a new environment.  The adoption fee for any of these cats is $30.00. Take a look at Leah, Gucci, Tarzania, Stormy and Maya (who are friends), and Dante and Tiger (who are friends). 







Our next adoption days are:
October 8th – Going Pink for Dog Cancer Awareness Day
October 15th – Going Pink for Dog Cancer Awareness Day
October 29th – There will be a Halloween Party!
  The hours are from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. at the
LHS Adoption Center
431 E. Chestnut Street
Dunkirk, NY.
Below is a link to our application along with adoption fees.


Read about Smiling Yara. Click on her picture below.


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