Yes, our annual yard sale will be coming up in August!  It is not that far away and we are looking to the community again for their generous support with contributing their donations, assisting at the actual yard sale itself, and just being at the yard sale!  Our flyer is below and it gives all of the details that will be going on during that week at Floral Hall beginning on August 11th with the start of the donations coming in.  Please feel free to hang it somewhere!  More questions?  Just call our 716-672-1991 number and someone will get back to you.  See you there!

Lakeshore Humane Societys 2015 Yard Sale Flyer

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LHS 2007 Yard Sale 006


The nØkill Mission

 The nØkill Network is dedicated to promoting no-kill animal shelters, organizations, and rescue groups by helping people learn about and locate these organizations.

The nØkill Network also strives to promote the no-kill model so that shelters that do not currently have a no-kill policy might take the initiative needed to gain the public, governmental, and financial support necessary to become a no-kill organization.

Shelters that historically euthanized healthy, adoptable animals have been able to make this change – it is possible and we hope that this community can help to provide the ideas, education, and support necessary to make it happen for the rest of the shelters throughout the nation.

Please join the community to learn, participate, and support the mission! Click on the logo below to view the site.


Ava Needs Medical Assistance – can you help?

Pictured here is Ava a young kitten.  Ava was outside and her eye got infected and burst out of it’s socket so the eye had to be removed.  Ava is doing well and she will be up for adoption soon.  If you can donate, any amount to her medical bills, it  will be greatly appreciated.  Just mention you are helping Ava.



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Adoption Days – Save these dates!

Here is a link to a slideshow of our cats and kittens!


Our 2015 adoption days so far are:

August 8th and 22nd

These adoption days will be held at our adoption center located at 431 E. Chestnut Street, Dunkirk, NY.  The hours are from 12:00 – 4:00 p.m.  Come and visit with our animal orphans who need homes.  Find your next four-legged family member.  Pictured here is Moose.  He is looking for his forever home!





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With kitten season here, our society is in great need of scoopable litter (dust free as much as possible) and especially kitten chow.  We also need Purina Cat Complete food (in the blue bags)  If you can donate any of these items, the kitties would appreciate it!  Thank you for your kindness and oh yes, the kitties thank you, too!

Check out our Donations Wish List here.

Cat Waiting List

Because of the large volume of calls, we would like everyone to know that we have a waiting list for cats.  Please call our (716) 672-1991 number and request to be placed on the waiting list for cats if you wish to surrender your cat or if you have found a cat.  Please make sure to leave your contact information as we update the list frequently to verify that the cat/cats still need to be brought in.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

 Dog Waiting List

We would like everyone to know that we have a waiting list for dogs.  Please call our (716) 672-1991 number indicating that you have a dog to surrender and the Dog Area Manager will call you back to let you know if the dog needs to be placed on the waiting list or if there is a spot available.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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