Found neutered male, 6 years old, very friendly, has been hanging around the VFW post on Deer Street by Lake Shore Drive for a long time. If you recognize me, please call Lakeshore Humane Society at 672-1991, or contact us here through our website or Facebook page (Lakeshore Humane Society).
Found in First Ward, Dunkirk, area south of Lake Shore Drive East, a gray cat and a black and white cat, both trying to get into a house.  Very friendly and obviously used to people and to being inside. If they are your cats, or if you can offer them shelter, please call 672-1991 and leave a message.
Found on lower Nevins Street, Dunkirk, April 4, 2018, small, young black female cat, very friendly.Please call 672-1991 if this cat belongs to
you or if you know who the owners are.

Missing in Dunkirk 4th ward,Hoyt St., between Doughty Street & tracks area. Tortie cat, very distinct look, beautiful gold eyes. Friendly, can be handled.Needs medication. Lakeshore Humane cat that escaped her foster home. Answers to Kitty. If you see her please call     (716) 672-9035 ASAP. Thank you!