Name: Piper

Breed: Domestic short-haired

Gender: Male

Approximate DOB: 3/29/2017

Size: Medium

Color: Black

Needs: As you can see from his photo, Piper is one of our shy guys we have here at Lakeshore. He prefers a gentle touch and a slow approach and is not a fan of quick sudden movements. He tends to be a bit apprehensive around enthusiastic children, and doesn’t quite understand that all they want to do is love him. Unfortunately, the cats that aren’t the most outgoing are often overlooked by people looking to adopt. Take it from us here at Lakeshore, just because these cats take a bit of work to gain their trust, that does not mean they have nothing to give. In fact, a lot of the time a little work and patience can make the bond between you and your forever friend that much stronger in the long run. Come and see Piper at one of our upcoming adoption days!