Mammary Cancer in Dogs

Baby, was one of LHS Dogs with Mammary Cancer.

Baby, an LHS dog who had Mammary Cancer, has been adopted.





We would like you to meet Baby. This senior girl was surrendered to us with a large mammary tumor. It was about the size of a baked potato. We immediately took her to the vet to see what our options were. After consulting with Dr. Frost (of Dunkirk, NY), the decision was made to have the tumor, along with some smaller tumors, removed. Reports came back that Baby’s tumors were malignant but miraculously the cancer didn’t appear to have spread. Baby’s story does have a happy ending, she has been adopted by a wonderful family! Not all of the dogs with cancer are this lucky. Mammary cancer is very common in unspayed dogs like Baby. The risk of this cancer is greatly reduced if dogs are spayed before their first heat cycle. For information on spay/neuter information:

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