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​Lakeshore Humane Society

431 E. Chestnut Street

Dunkirk NY 14048

(716) 672-1991

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The Lakeshore Humane Society is a non-profit, all volunteer organization, dedicated to helping protect the welfare of all animals and providing humane education to our community. We pride ourselves in being a no-kill shelter.



Not everyone is capable of a monetary donation.  That doesn’t mean you are not valuable to us.  You can also help us by donating your time.  Volunteering is a huge part of LHS, it’s the backbone of our operation.  We need volunteers to walk dogs and socialize cats, to lend a hand at our adoption events and fundraisers or as a foster home, we need your help! Check out our section on VOLUNTEERING


"Hello, I'm Tank. When I first got to LHS, I was terrified of every new person and noise. I shook and drooled and wished I could disappear. But the people who welcomed me in offered me treats and spoke in gentle voices; and I thought maybe they weren't so scary after all. In a day or two, I was letting them pet me and feed me treats and take me for walks. I even showed them my silly side! I need a person who understands I need to do things at my own pace--don't force me into crowds or surround me with people. I need to know I'm safe, then I can make friends. Because of this, no small kids, please. I'm easily overwhelmed. My friends at LHS are still getting to know me, but I will be available for adoption soon!

My name is April, and I am looking for a cozy place to call my own.  Stop down today to check out this gorgeous gal! 


A HUGE thank you to Lucky Lanes Bowling Center, and to everyone that came out to support LHS this Saturday! 

We are truly grateful for the continued community support that allows us to help so many fuzzy friends in the local area.  

Thank you!!!!! 

*Come check out our next great event on Saturday, February 1st! See you there - 


TUCKER (12-28-19)