Remembrance Bricks are available in 4” x 8” (standard) and 8” x 8” (large) sizes and are 2-1/4” thick. These finished bricks, with a smooth surface and beveled edges, are designed to be used in outdoor installations.

Each brick is sandblasted to create the inscription you desire.  The size of the brick determines the space for the message.  The engraving on each brick is highlighted in black, resulting in a lasting tribute that really stands out!

At the Lakeshore Humane Society Adoption Center, 431 E. Chestnut Street in Dunkirk, your bricks will be prominently displayed in our brick garden adjacent to the sidewalk at the front entrance. This allows the bricks to be viewed as a special tribute to people, pets, businesses and organizations.  However, you may choose to take possession of your brick to display in a place of your own choice. Please note: Brick installation only occurs once or twice yearly – in late spring and/or early fall at the Adoption Center.

NEW! Miniature Remembrance Bricks are made of the same brick material as our original bricks, but have a felted back that allows them to be displayed on desktop or other furniture without scratching the surface’s finish. However, they can also be displayed out-of-doors because of the brick material they are made from. These are laser printed with your message.

These miniature bricks are not suited to be installed in our Lakeshore Humane Society “Brick Garden,” but are intended for display in your home or garden.

For more information and an order form click here: Brick Form 5-2017



Standard size brick.

Large Brick

Large size brick.

Mini Bricks

Mini Brick Sizes

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