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A Little Bit of History. . .

The Dunkirk Humane Society Inc., began in 1971 and was then renamed The Lakeshore Humane Society in 1980. A small group of concerned animal lovers, from all walks of life, started the society with the main purpose of prevention of cruelty to animals, the relief of suffering among animals and the extension of humane education.  It has become the philosophy of the society to provide humane care or treatment for animals needing assistance in the area served by the society and to seek suitable homes for animals without owners.


Our Organization. . .

is privately funded.  All of our working funds are derived from private donations or through our fund raising efforts.  All monies collected by or donated to the society are used for the direct benefit of animals in our local area.  All members are volunteers.  New members are always welcomed into our group.  Helping hands can take many forms:  staffing fundraisers, care of animals,  making phone calls are equally important tasks as they all enable the group to prosper in our efforts. 


Our members. . .

come from all walks of life, every corner of the county and every profession, but we all share sorrow at what mankind can inflict upon the animals that trust us and the absolute joy we feel with each successful placement of an otherwise unloved animal into a loving home.


What Can You Do To Help?

You can also help us by donating your time.  Volunteering is a huge part of LHS, it’s the backbone of our operation.  We need volunteers to walk dogs and socialize cats, to lend a hand at our adoption events and fundraisers or as a foster home, we need your help!


A good place to start would be to come to a monthly meeting.  It is held the third Thursday of every month at the adoption center at 6:30 p.m. where you will meet other volunteers and learn about any upcoming events and fundraisers that need many helping hands.  Hope to see you there soon!





​​Help make a difference and sign up
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Fill out the volunteer application and mail it in.
We would love to have you join us!

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