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One of the primary functions of The Humane Society is to find homes for orphan cats and dogs.  Although we are eager to find homes, we are cautious to find “adopters” who will provide a caring atmosphere for the animals.  As a result, it is incumbent upon the prospective adopter to display a certain level of responsibility before an application is accepted.  The Society retains the right to revoke an adoption if it is determined that an adopter is not living up to the responsibilities to the animals as outlined by the Society.  Here is what you should expect before you take on this responsibility.

  • The pet should be taken for a veterinary checkup with in 7 (seven) days of adoption.  Any vaccinations, worming or other medical procedures required will be the responsibility of the adopter.

  • The pet must be licensed by the appropriate city and county agencies.

  • While in adopter’s care, the pet must be provided with adequate food, water, shelter, exercise and medical care in a devoted and humane manner.

  • The pet must be kept primarily as a house pet, meaning it will reside in the house.  The new owner is responsible for walking the dog for exercise, unless there is a secure and safe fenced-in area for the animal to run freely.

  • The Society retains the right to investigate the premises at any time and to reclaim the pet in the event that the adopter can no longer adequately care for it according to Society standards.

  • If a pet is lost, the adopter must notify the Society and must make every effort to recover it.

All applications will be considered.  It is our policy not to do first-come, first-serve basis.  We match the people up with the dog so all applications are reviewed to determine the best owner for the pet.

If you feel that you can meet these responsibility requirements of the Society for adoption of an animal, or have any questions concerning adoption, contact us by calling 716.672.1991. Thank you for your interest and feel free to check out the site and the pets available for adoption.

You are welcome to meet a prospective adoptee by appointment.

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