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How You Can Support The Lakeshore Humane Society?

Unfortunately, most of the animals that make their way to us are in poor health, requiring visits to the veterinarian, medications and sometimes, surgical procedures. These costs are in addition to the money we must spend getting an already healthy animal ready for adoption. The cost to prepare a cat or kitten for adoption includes leukemia testing, leukemia/distemper shot and booster, rabies, worming, flea treatments and altering. Our cost to prepare a dog or puppy for adoption includes Lyme disease testing, along with the vaccine, distemper shot and booster, rabies, worming, flea treatments and altering.

We are a non-profit, all volunteer organization. The money we spend comes entirely from donations, fund raising activities and grants. All of the funds handled through our organization are used for animals in our immediate area.

Our group is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. All donations are fully tax deductible.

DON'T SHOP, ADOPT – Please help spread the word about the many wonderful animals in need of homes that are available from our Adoption Center. Be sure to SPAY/NEUTER your pets to prevent pet overpopulation.

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MAKE A DONATION TO LHS – A financial donation of any amount will help us continue to provide the medical care so many of the animals need. Donations of cleaning supplies are also appreciated.

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SHOP THE BOUTIQUE – Our boutique is filled with gifts for pets and people. We have a variety of car magnets, clothing, pet accessories, blankets, mugs, and more!

REMEMBRANCE BRICKS – To remember or to honor a loved one –whether a pet, friend or family member – consider buying a brick engraved with a personal tribute of your choice. Bricks are available in two sizes and can be installed in the LHS Brick Garden, kept for one’s own yard, or given as a gift. Click on link below for the Remembrance Brick Form to order.

MEMORIAL DONATIONS – All memorial donations are acknowledged with a handwritten thank-you note to the family of the loved one. These gifts help save homeless and often, helpless, animals in memory of an animal lover. 

AMAZON DONATIONS – Send supplies directly to LHS from your Amazon account. Our Wish List is at

CHEWY DONATIONS – Send supplies directly to LHS from Our Wish List is at Lakeshore Humane Society | Dunkirk, NY | Chewy

No Linens, Please . . .

However, we can use blankets.

We have plenty of linens (sheets and towels) now for the shelter animals and nowhere left to store more. We respectfully suggest that donations of linens be made to other local organizations. Or you may save them until our Yard Sale in August.
Thank You!

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If you would like to donate supplies, we are especially in need of:

HE (High Efficiency) Laundry Detergent
Plain Bleach (not Low-Splash)

Antibacterial Hand Soap
Paper Towels
Garbage Bags (X-Large Heavy Duty)
Plastic Grocery Bags for poop pickup
Copy Machine Paper
Card Stock
Permanent Markers

We do not need dryer sheets and other cleaning supplies.

And please, no snacks. Our dogs and cats are on specific diets to ward off sensitive tummy issues while in our care.

Thank you!



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